Short game created in 48 hours for the Wholesome Games Jam 2020.

Theme: Don't give up!

Please notice: some players have problems with the music/sounds loading in the web version. Please check with another web browser and/or update the web page if music doesn't appear when you are already in the room. Thanks!

You are a student that needs to study all night for the upcoming test. You feel sleepy and there are a lot of cozy distractions but you can't give up!

Goal: achieve the best results in your test, avoid falling asleep while studying and learn all the important things!

How to play: point and click the interactable elements in the screen and keep an eye for the energy and study counters at the top.



Raincup Team are: Pamela Clunes & Juan Manuel Zavala :)

Install instructions

  • Download de 7z file
  • Un-compress it
  • Double click on the wholesome.exe file to play.


LateNightStudy_v1.0.7z 49 MB


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Really liked the art style here, reminded me a bit of Persona 4 (Golden), which I loved. And every game should have the option to give a kitty love! 
( ⓛ ᆺ ⓛ *)

I noticed the the books on the left increased both the study and the energy meter, so that was kind of a way to cheese it when you do it with full energy. Maybe balance that? Otherwise, I like the game idea. c:


Thanks a lot for your feedback and we are very happy you enjoyed the style and the overall experience :D

me, who is currently procrastinating by playing video games: 0_0

Hahaha! Hope this game made that study gauge go up a little :D

Thanks a lot for playing! I hope you liked it :)

Yeah, I enjoyed the game!! It was cute, short, and fun, all the while painfully reminding me of the homework that is waiting for me to do lmao

Hey, I played your game as part of a stream of several games from the wholesome jam.Check it out! The room, the character, and the cat are all very cute, and the particle effects add a lot to the interactions (especially for the cat). I think it would be great if you added more sliders beyond energy and study-readiness, like maybe focus, happiness, need to pee, etc. so that players need to be more strategic in choosing which activities to do. Great work  :)

Thanks for playing and including our game in the stream! <3

Also thanks a lot for the suggestions! We also think there's potential to this idea and we don't rule out continuing it beyond the 48 hours development for the jam :D

Take care!

PS. Also it looks like during your playthrough music didn't load :( It seems it is a bug! So maybe I'll include a warning in the description ;)

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Whops checked again and I could hear the music (although very low :D ) Hopefully the volume was alright for you?

Yeah, I could hear the music and it was nice! I had a bit of trouble adjusting the sound between each game on the stream since I was jumping around so much, sorry I didn't quite represent it right to the audience.  Keep up the good work :)

Oh no problem! It's ok :) Thanks again for playing!! Hope you enjoyed it :D

I liked petting the kitty. :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :D

This was good fun and fit the theme really well :) I really enjoyed the fun kitty time

Thank you! :D 

I loved it. Congrats! :D You guys rock. <3

Thanks!! :D


Thanks for playing the game :D <3

0:40 if it only was that easy to study and not be sleepy o_O